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TACD - New Relationships Between Creative Communities and Consumers


TACD held this conference to bring people together to examine relations between creators and users, seeking to identify common interests and new opportunities to collaborate. Discussions explored new and existing social and business models for the intermediary between the creative person and the consumer.

The focus of the meeting was a Paris Accord, a draft document outlining a potential new set of relations between creative individuals and communities, consumers and citizens. More details about, and the text of, this Accord can be found at www.cptech.org/a2k/pa/

You can find out more about the June 19 and 20 conference by clicking on the following link:


Audio recordings of speakers presentations (unfortunately in WMA format, which is a closed format) :


So here are the audio files converted in an open format (OGG Vorbis)

Audio recordings of presentations


Setting the context

  • Alain Bazot, Union Fédérale des Consommateurs Que Choisir? Audio
  • Leonardo Cervera Navas, DG Internal Market, European Commission Audio
  • Jorgen Blomqvist, WIPO Audio
  • Sasha Wunsch Vincent, OECD Audio
  • Ahmed Abdel Latif, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Audio

Development of new medicines - scientists and patients

  • Tim Hubbard, Wellcome Sanger Institute Audio
  • Nicoletta Dentico, DNDi (Drug for neglected diseases) Audio
  • Ellen ‘t Hoen, Médecins Sans Frontières Audio
  • James Love, Consumer Project on Technology Audio


  • Harald Alvestrand, Cisco Fellow Audio
  • Susy Struble, Sun Microsystems Audio
  • Frederic Couchet, Free Software Foundation France Audio

The public as a creative community

  • Jean-Baptiste Soufron, Wikimedia Foundation Audio
  • Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks Audio
  • Valérie Peugot, Vecam Audio

Films, video and art - filmmakers, artists, actors, and the viewing public

  • Gordon Quinn, Kartemquin Films Audio
  • Sarah Andrew, artist and lawyer Audio
  • Prayas Abhinav, new media artist Audio
  • Dominick Luquer, International Federation of Actors (FIA) Audio


Video link with musician Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven 17, Illustrious)

  • Martyn Ware, musician Audio

Recorded music: songwriters, performers, and listening public

  • Christian Paul, Deputé of the French Parliament Audio
  • Jenny Toomey, The Future of Music Coalition
  • Neil Leyton, Fading Ways Music Audio
  • Peter Jenner, International Music Managers Forum
  • Aziz Ridouan, Audionautes Audio

Scholarly Publishing: Authors and readers

  • Jean-Claude Guedon, University of Montreal Audio
  • Hervé le Crosnier, Cfeditions Audio
  • Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace Audio

Additional discussions about the Paris Accord

  • Terry Fisher, Harvard Law School Audio
  • Molly Beutz, Yale Law School Audio
  • Volker Grassmuck, Humboldt University Audio
  • Benoit Machuel, International Federation of Musicians Audio
  • Ashraf Patel, Open Society Initiative South Africa Audio
  • Felix Stalder, Openflows Networks Audio
  • Nick Ashton-Hart, Former Executive Director, IMMF Audio

Reflections and next steps

  • Cornelia Kutterer, BEUC Audio
  • Jill Johnstone, National Consumer Council Audio
  • Ahmed Abdel Latif, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Audio
  • Philippe Aigrain, Sopinspace Audio
  • Vera Franz, Open Society Institute Audio
  • Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy Audio
  • James Love, Consumer Project on Technology Audio

For further information please contact Ben Wallis, TACD Coordinator


about TACD